Basic Building Structure

Pre-Engineered Buildings are defined by following basic parameters.

Building Width

Building Width is distance from outside of sidewall girt flange of one sidewall to of sidewall girt of opposite sidewall. Definition remains the same for all primary framing systems. This does not include width of Lean To’s , Roof extension or canopies.

Roof Slope (x.y: 10)

Roof Slope is the angle of roof with respect to horizontal. Any practical roof slope is possible, however generally roof slope between 0.5  : 10 to 1.5 : 10 is used. For bulk storage, roof slope is dependent upon angle of repose of that particular material.

Building Length

Building Length is out to out longitudinal distance between flanges of end wall column flanges or end wall by pass girt whichever may be greater.

Interior Bay Length

This is the distance from outside of the outer flange of end wall column/end wall bypass girt to the center of line of the first interior frame column.

Building Heigth

Building Height is understood as eave height of the building which is the distance from the finished floor level to the top outer pointer of eave purlin or eave strut.

End Bay Length

Interior Bay Length is the distance between the centre lines of two adjacent interior main frame columns.